Jason Ong

Design Director

Dedicated to the creation of custom interiors, Jason prides himself on combining architecture and interior design to find unique and aesthetically pleasing solutions for clients to complete projects tailored to the individual styles and special needs, on budget and on time.

Ever since Jason founded his own firm in 2013, he has been creating unique, glamorous spaces that exude sophistication and refinement for hundreds and thousands of clients National wide. Jason believes a great interior design will make genuine contributions to an organisation’s performance. He enjoys working with new unusual materials, and enjoy staying current with the latest products and technologies.

Zoe L

Interior Designer

Joey worked as a graphic designer for a couple of years before deciding to start creating innovative spatial design. She has a talent in interior design and we are eager to see how her interior design style will develop in the coming years.

Anna X

Interior Designer / Draftsperson

Prior to joining Ong Design team, Anna worked as a interior designer, and she brings over her creative and dynamic skills to both residential and hospitality projects. She has an eye for detail and seeks perfection in her drawings. She travels to many countries every year and her experiences makes her a great team player. 

Hero & Emma
Our Receptionist / Head of security

Except for not being able to communicate directly in human language, our special receptionists Hero & Emma always appears clean and cute and welcome visitors by greeting them warmly and enthusiastically in person.


Sometimes if there are no cats around, the two are perhaps also quite reliable as a security guard to handle interior and exterior security through sniffs and observation.