Yang Guo Fu

CBD, Auckland

 麻辣烫 (Mala Tang), is a hot, spicy soup of meat and vegetables, commonly eaten as a street food in Chongqing, a Sichuan dish mainly eaten in Northern China. It has becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand because it is kind of like hot-pot, the customers get to choose what they want to eat, then the kitchen will cook it up in hot soup. It is a mix of anything. From vegetables to meat balls to seafood. It is relatively low cost for the business – you pay for the food by weight and any food that has not been touched go right back into the freezer.

Yang Guo Fu is situated in the Sky World on Queen Street. It is always packed with people wanting a quick lunch. Not many non-Chinese in there because it is quite frightening. The soup can get very spicy if you want. An excellent quick meal if you are in a hurry and wanting a variety of food.